The best beaches North Shore Oahu, Hawaii If you’re headed to Oahu, chances are you’ll be making a stop at our North Shore beaches at some point during your vacation. Home to some of the biggest surf competitions in the world, the North Shore’s beaches are some that you cannot miss out on when visiting Oahu.But not all of Oahu’s North READ MORE

Gilligan Island Puerto Rico

Cayo Aurora One of the most lovely Caribbean areas is this modest Gilligan Island situated off the southwestern shoreline of Puerto Rico in the town of Guanica. Island is nicknamed after the well known program, hello is one of Puerto Rico’s perfect cays. The Department of Natural Resources (DRNA) deals with the Gilligan Island Puerto READ MORE


It is always summer in Aruba, and almost always dry.  If you are looking for a tropical paradise offering everything from quiet romantic activities to thrilling adventures for the whole family you have found it.  Come spend a few days, weeks or even months, you will be pleased that you did it. Tons of beaches READ MORE

Travel to Punta Cana tips

Try all-inclusive, but do your own research All-inclusive resorts Punta Cana splattered along twenty-five miles of wide, sun-washed beaches with silky smooth white sand and fringed with coconut and palm trees. It’s the land of comprehensive package trips and holiday-makers can get better value for cash if they know how. Once a vacationer arrives here, READ MORE