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If we talk about iconic, then Malibu is a good description. In alifornia, it is a good place for surfers. Malibu is popularly acknowledged for its laid back locals, sandy beaches, and endless sunny days. It is, therefore, a dream come true for a variety of people, from beach bums to adventure seekers. Malibu is about forty minutes from LA. Driving to Malibu is all worth it. Apart from the relaxing, white sandy beaches, it offers a great sport for surfing in Malibu. Whether you are a pro or a novice, Malibu beach surfing provides an avenue for all. Check the destinations below that you can visit for Malibu beach surfing.  

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Topanga Beach 

Surfers at Leo Carrillo State Beach in Malibu

Topanga Beach is a must go for any surfer. You should plan well on when you want to visit to go for Malibu surfing beach because it can be crowded as early enough during the warmer climates. The beach is spectacular with its great pacific waves. The beach has difficult waves that swell to a height of 10 feet. Therefore, it is considered a good spot for experienced surfers. You should arrive at the beach early enough to beat the gatherings that come to enjoy the reliable wave. Topanga Beach is a current Malibu surfing spot if you need to catch a big but fun wave. 

Surfrider Beach

The locals call it the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. This beach is also popular around Malibu. It has been included in most classic surfing movies. In the ’60 Surfrider was mainly used to film movies. If you are an amateur or a pro when it comes to surfing then, this each is good for you. The beach has several points that can be experienced by various surfers, including long boarders to amateurs. The first spot is known for longboarders; the second spot is known for advanced surfers. The last spot has both left and right side waves. High waves always call for bigger crowds, and at the end of summer, the swells are normally favorable, meaning that people can surf the entire beach. Surfrider beach includes a small area popular as “Kiddle bowl. This area is open for kids due to plentiful activities that can keep kids busy while adults are surfing. You will not also miss the variety of wetsuit and surfboard rentals along the beach. 

Zuma Beach

Malibu Surfrider Beach | Instagram by @samisneider

You can locate Zuma beach north of Tower 9. It is one of the quietest beaches, and if you want to some privacy, then Zuma is the place to be. With its clear wave, Zuma is popular as an incredible spot for Malibu beach surfers. The 3-mile-long beach provides locals with a place for games apart from surfing. The waves on the beach can go as high as 6.1 feet. These waves are bigger, thicker, and hollower, meaning that they are no joke. However, the beach is friendly for beginners and is family-friendly. The water gets colder on the beach and therefore do not forget your wetsuit. 

County Line

County Line is an isolated beach with lots of space and gentle waves. It is an ideal place for beginners due to its wide opening that can eliminate fear. You can enjoy the beach early enough  because of the strong winds that hit the beach in the afternoon. County Line was popularly namechecked in the ‘Surfin’ the Beach Boys. When you are hungry there are great reputable restaurants. For instance, the Neptune Net is very reputable as it was featured in many movies such as Gossip Girl. With varied steady waves, you should be comfortbale to get what you need. Therefore, the drive up North is worth it. 

Malibu Pier

Malibu Pier surf pointRiviera of America was its initial name. It provides the real deal when it comes to Malibu and its surrounding areas. All surfers who want to surf around the Pacific Ocean want to visit this beach. Malibu Pier also organizes multiple recreational activities all year, so you must catch a glimpse of the waves. If you want to eat, you can hop into one of the diners along the beach for some scrumptious seafood delicacies.

Leo Carrillo

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The beach is located about 13km from Zuma, half a mile from County line.  If you consider yourself as an amateur, then you should check this beach out. During most times, the waves get high outside near the great rocks and reforms in the plucky inner section. Leo Carrillo is also family-friendly. Being a tourist, you can catch few agencies that provide exceptional biking traits.  You can access the beach through different points. This is through, North and south beaches, County Line and Staircase beach. 

Point Dume

From Point Dume or Big Dume, visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of both sides of the beach.  Point Dume is amazing for surfing, but you can do more than that. There are several activities, including scuba diving, swimming, and fishing. Point Dume is also famous for the movement of the Grey Whales that occurs between December and March. You can access this beach through a natural preserve. When the beach has low tides, you will encounter tide pools. Don’t be surprised to see rock climbers close to the beach. 

Pick the beach that you find comfortable and enjoy the experience. 

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