Bodega bay Surfing

Surfing off Bodega Bay, California can be termed as going for an expedition. Bodega bay provides several surfing opportunities for both advanced surfers and beginners all year. The beaches have great waves which are supported by good weather. If you are an adrenaline junkie and are an expert pro, Bodega bay surfing should be in your bucket list. It has been known to have one of those beaches that are quite appealing.  

Surfing In Bodega Bay

Best surf spots you want to visit in Bodega Bay

Salmon Creek:

Salmon Creek Surf Forecast and Surf Report

If you carry out enough research, you will know that The Salmon Creek is very famous for surfers. The tiny territory of Salmon Creek is very modest with fishing floats. Many of the people who surf at Salmon Creek come leave on the neighboring Sebastopol and Santa Rosa. Therefore, it is very clear that you will have a view of rusty vans of Bodega fisherman and new trucks from the city. Salmon Creek has huge waves, which can be challenging for beginners. The waves swell to about 12 feet. The currents and undercurrents are also disreputable. However, they do not stay active for a very long time. They therefore subside. The southern parts of the beach have manageable waves, which usually have bigger swells. Salmon Creek is a good environment for advanced surfers as compared to beginners.

Doran Beach:

Doran Beach, Bodega Bay Ca. | Lake camping, Bay ca, Bodega bayDoran beach is always a closed out beach with waves that are powerful and shallow. It is located downtown of the Bodega bay on the south side. The spot is mainly considered good during the spring because of its location. Facing the south side, Doran Creek experiences the northwest winds that blow offshore. Each is always crowded when other surfing spots have huge swells. Doran Beach is popular among advanced and beginner from Petaluma, Santa Rose and Sebastopol cities. The beach is shallow, providing a good avenue for beginners. However, the beach can swell up on occasions; therefore, you need to be very cautious. 

Dillon Beach Surf

Dillon Beach in California

Located in the north of Marin County, Dillon Beach is very attractive for Bodega bay surfers. The beach receives both offshore winds and big swells perfect to hit the waters on a warm afternoon. On both sides of the beach, surfers receive captivating waves. The beach is very good for beginners as it always less crowded. However, you need to be careful of sharks. The waves swell about 5-9 feet high. 

For any devoted surfer, the favorite spot to get the wave is the Salmon Creek. If are interested in surfing but are confused on how commence, you should consult the Surf Shack in Bodega Bay. They provide a variety of classes for surfers. The various choices provided make it simple to get one that can fit the level of expertise you have and the style of earning. Consequently, you can take a stroll to the beach and learn by observation from various surfers. Either way you can have lots of fun in Bodega bay. Enjoy you experience all year round.

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