Gilligan Island Puerto Rico

Cayo Aurora

One of the most lovely Caribbean areas is this modest Gilligan Island situated off the southwestern shoreline of Puerto Rico in the town of Guanica. Island is nicknamed after the well known program, hello is one of Puerto Rico’s perfect cays. The Department of Natural Resources (DRNA) deals with the Gilligan Island Puerto Rico as a piece of the Biosphere Guanica Reserve. Local people call it “Cayo Aurora.”

Gilligan Island (Cayo Aurora) offers perfectly clear blue turquoise waters, a safe house for swimming and kayaking. This is Shangri-La for unwinding, swimming or on the off chance that you simply need to appreciate nature. The little mangrove island is as yet one of the unbeaten ways in Puerto Rico.

Gilligan a perfect spot to swim

This minor island is encompassed by flawless sandy sea shores and a languid flow that makes it conceivable to swim the border of the island with little exertion. The delicate shallow waters and outing regions make it an ideal spot for kids and families the same. The island is natural, just has outdoor tables, bar-b-que pits, concealed regions for picnics and a wooden vessel dock. There are waterways around the island with a moderate ebb and flow, the entire island is anything but difficult to investigate. You can even investigate the neighboring little islands with a kayak. It’s additionally a perfect spot to swim. The waters are obvious to such an extent that you simply need a swimming veil to appreciate the full excellence that dwells under the warm delicate waves. There are boundless swimming choices around the mangroves and past. Hope to see brilliant living and solid coral, assortments of tropical fish like barracudas, red starfish, and yellow-tail red snapper among some more. Gilligan Island is a safe house for fowls, so bring your binoculars.

The island is uninhabited

The island is absolutely uninhabited despite the fact that it is vigorously visited during occasions and on ends of the week. It offers incredible sights of the territory’s mountains, coast, and of Guanica’s Dry Forest. In the event that you visit Puerto Rico throughout the winter high travel season, you will experience not very many groups. It will be somewhat crowded during ends of the week and summer.

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