Learn to surf in Santa Cruz

A surfer taking off on a wave in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is often termed as the “surf city”. The waves accommodate surfers with different experience levels from beginners to advanced levels. Surfers get to Santa Cruz during the warm season which from September. Santa Cruz has numerous sandy beaches with amazing waves that calls for any surfer wanting to explore. It has caught a name on the west coast. The best are listed below.  

A pink and purple sunset in Santa Cruz over the ocean with waves coming in

Surfing rentals in Santa Cruz

You can get both private surf lessons on request. Personal lessons are a good way to gain all the attention to help you progress. If you are a tourist and want to surf, you can rent wetsuits, surfboards to make your experience worthwhile. 

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Surfing beaches in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is shaped conveniently to ensure that you can absorb swell from any location. 


You can take advantage of the Cowell Beach, Natura Bridges and Steamer lane that has powerful reef breaks. 


On the Eastside, you can go for the Pleasure Point, which is beginner-friendly and The Hook. 

Top 5 Spots to Watch Surfers in Santa Cruz County - Visit Santa ...
Surfers out on the line up in Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz
Surfing - Big Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz 11/9/16 - YouTube

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