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Want to call the Philippines/ or are you a tourist and need a Philippines calling card that you will use while you stay in the Philippines? is the best card you can get to call the Philippines. The company offers both quality calling cards. provides reduced rate to the customers, therefore you can save cash for local and international calls. Additionally, the company has ensured that its customers get to enjoy clear calls throughout. Enjoy cheapest prices to the Philippines, Canada, USA.

Price of $10 gets you 144 minutes on Globe mobile and landline, 144mniutes on smart and other mobiles. 

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Services provided by the cards

wat makes Pidipompi quality calling cards indispensable for your phone is it incredible services. 

  • Superior voice quality- with this card, the garbles vive and pixelated faces are a thing of the past. You get to enjoy the super quality video calls and crustal clear voice calls globally. 
  • No Maintenance fee
  • Unlimited calls- experience unlimited Calls to any Globe Philippines contacts with. The plans start at a low rate of USD $25/per month
  • Speed dialing
  • No hidden fees
  • No rental fee
  • Low rates on all calls- keeping in touch with your friends and family should not strain your pocket. You can communicate with your loved ones all over the world at relatively low prices. 
  • Stripped off of connection fee
  • No Administration
  • The cards are activated instantly
  • 1 Minute Rounding
  • 24 hours’ customer attention
  • The validity period is 180 days
  • Plans that ate rechargeable
  • Pinless Dialing Service
  • Rechargeable Plan
  • Philippines clients receive a discounted price. Customers can call Philippines at a rate of 6.9 cents any number.
  • Toll free line is 1-800-377-0510 (Toll Free)

Now you know how contact Philippines from other parts of the world at cheap international phone rates. Pidipompi phone and calling cards to Philippines are the best international calling card to call. Start using the calling cards right now and get premium class phone connection around the globe.

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