Surfing competitions in Hawaii

Definitely, Hawaii is popular for its water sports. The question is which sport do you want to explore. Hawaii has incredible beaches and selecting the best one may not be easy. From a collection of snorkeling paradises to green-sand coastline, these beaches are gold for both tourist and locals. They give you the Hawaiian luxury getaway coupled with relaxation that you will need for your vacations. The fresh seafood and the local culture are a must see. Whatever luxury you need in Hawaii; you will get it. 

While some people are drawn to Hawaii for its luxury, some are drawn t it yearly due to its spectacular beaches that support numerous sporting activities. The most watched sport in Hawaii is surfing. People around the world are drawn to it due to its huge swells and warm weather that is favorable all year round. With that, there are numerous competitions that are held all year round. Surfing competitions, Hawaii are very fun and many people look forward to them. For surfers this is a great time to reveal their prowess and build a name for themselves. Hawaii competition has one of the most looked forward competitions from most surfers all over the world. For many beaches, winter is always the sleepiest and quietest time of the year. But in Hawaii, NO! winter in Hawaii starts from November all through March. Throughout the seasons, large swells are experienced that measure between 6 to a whole 30 feet. Look down below to learn more about the exciting surfing competition in Hawaii. You can select which event to attend to catch the surfers at work.  

Quicksilver In Memory Eddie Aikau

How do you know if there is a Surf Competition on the North Shore?

Hawaii surfing competition normally has a “holding time”.  The holding time mainly terms the competitions that occur during a particular period. They are determined by the climatic conditions. To know if a competition will take place, there are announcements very early in the morning that establish if it will take place that particular day or not. To understand and plan for the surfing and when they occur, the competitions are listed alongside when they will happen.  

Surfing competitions in in Hawaii and there dates

Surfing competitions are normally spread out throughout the year from May to September in the Southern parts and April to May in the Northern areas. 

EventTypeLocation season
Vans Triple Crown SurfingSurfingOahu, HawaiiOctober to December
HIC ProSurfSunset Beach, North Shore OahuOctober to November
Hawaiian ProSurf Hale’iwa Ali’i Beach Park, North Shore OahuNovember
Vans World Cup of SurfingsurfSunset Beach, North Shore OahuNovember – December
Billabong Pipe MasterssurfBanzai Pipeline, Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore OahuDecember
Quiksilver Eddie Aikau MemorialSurfWaimea Bay in Oahu, HawaiiDecember – February
The Eddie Big Wave InvitationalsurfWaimea Bay, North Shore Oahu December  – February
Volcom Pipe Pro 2021surfsNorth Shore Oahu, Ehukai Beach Park, Banzai Pipeline,  January  – February
Da Hui Backdoor Shootout & Da Hui Pipeline Warriors 2021surfBanzai Pipeline, Ehukai Beach Park, North Shore OahuJanuary – February
Sunset Open & Sunset Pro JuniorSUPNorth Shore Oahu, Sunset Beach, January 18 – 28
Red Bull Queen of the BaySurf Waimea Bay Oct. 1–Nov. 21
Duke’s OceanFestWaikiki BeachJanuary 
Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic MixedMakaha February
North Shore Surf Shop Pro JuniorSurfSunset BeachMarch 
Pyramid Rock Body Surfing ChampionshipBodyPyramid RockMarch
Rell Sunn Menehune Surf ContestSurfMakahaApril
Surf N Sea Haleiwa International OpenMixedHaleiwa Ali’i Beach ParkDecember/january
Reef Hawaiian ProSurf competitionHaleiwa Ali’i Beach ParkNovember
Hawaii Surf Association Surf SeriesSurf raceStraight OutNovember
Wet Feet & Blue Planet Surf WPA RegionalsSUP RaceHawaii KaiSeptember
SUP Waterman League FinalsSUPTurtle BayOctober
Wet Feet & Blue Planet Surf WPA RegionalsSUP RaceHawaii KaiAugust
Duke Kahanamoku Kane Longboard Pro AmSurf competitionKihio Beach WaikikiAugust
John “Pops” Ah Choy Surf FestMisedKuhio Beach WaikikiSeptember
Friends of Ali’i Beach Menehune Surf ContestSurf competition Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park
IBA GoPro Pipe Bodyboarding ChallengeSurf Banzai PipelineFebruary
HASA State ChampionshipssurfAla Moana BowlsApril
New Hope Christian Fellowship Surf Contestsurf
Waikiki Beach
Rainbow Sandals Battle of the PaddleSUP RaceWaikiki BeachMay
Local Motion Surf Into SummerSurfAla Moana BowlsMay
Roxy Waikiki ClassicsurfKuhio Beach WaikikiJune
China Uemura’s Annual Longboard Surfing ClassicSurfKuhio Beach WaikikiJuly
T&C Grom ContestSurfQueens Beach WaikikiMay
Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie AikauSurfWaimea BayDecember/February
Oakley Surf Shop ChallengeSurfAla Moana BowlsMay

Tips for Watching Surf Competitions

The small town of Haleiwa is very much associated with surfing. Regularly the town is filled with fans, expert surfers and long boarders wanting to enjoy more of what Hawaii has to offer. It is always a fun time to be in Hawaii and mainly on the Northern parts.  Most of these beaches are public and therefore you will not pay a dime to watch the competitions. Hawaii is fun but don not forget to follow the state laws and respecting the people. Ensure you check the parking guidelines so that you don’t get to park on private property. The locals are very friendly so you will have an easy time fitting in. Another thing you should carry is a binocular. You may want to see the sport up close. It gets interesting. 

Surfer on beach in front of sunset

Surfing seasons in Hawaii

The surfing seasons commence during winter which is from November all through April. At this time the temperatures range between 22 °C to 26 °C. The temperatures are not so cold with about 27 °C.

Some competitions are held during the summer which begin from May all through October.  During summer, the temperatures are warm with 30 °C. The water temperatures range between 23 °C to 27 °C. 

Sometimes we just want to surf but just enjoy the sport in itself. Then you will enjoy Hawaii. On the other hand, if you have been wanting to try surfing, these competitions will draw you close to your dream. Watching experienced surfers doing their thing is quite fulfilling. You can certain to catch some pro surfers on the globe during one of these competitions. Therefore, make a plan to attend one these events while enjoying Hawaii. If you are fun of seafood like me, you will enjoy Hawaii to your fullest. 

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