Surfing in the Island of Kauai

The best Hawaiian surf spots

What do we say about Hawaii and is popular sandy beaches? The beaches are a must for surfing. Many locals will tell you that having the taste of the Hawaiian surfing is something that many people leave to tell. Of course, surfing is one of the primary cultures of the islands. In Kauai, you will get the best surfing spots you could ever think of. Most people will refer to it as the “The Garden Island”. You will find the best surfing in Kauai.  The island is a home of serene beaches that offer great surfing all year round. About half of the coastline is unpopulated, which means that there are more than 300 surfing spots. Kauai surfing provides a spot for a variety of boarders from pros to beginners.

Aside from surfing you can also enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, body surfing and kitesurfing. 

Best Places to Surf on Kauai

Kauai has the best type of waves. Slower and tubular rides, glassy waves, sandy and reef bottoms. Kauai can be accessed at various times of the year with each beach good at certain times and for certain sports. 

During summer, the south shore takes a central spot with big southern swells. During winter, the north shore takes the center spot. This is when the best surfers flock at Kauai as the waves swell 30-40 feet. 

For beginners, you can get a group or personal lessons that will introduce to surfing and other sports. From Kauai, surf school, Hanalei surf schools, Poipu surf lessons, Hawaiian surfing adventures. This surf schools offer beginner lessons, intermediate surf lessons, and expert surf lessons.  The price for surfing lessons ranges from $35 to $300. 

Winter in Hawaii: What to expect

Where to surf in Kauai

Hanalei Bay/ The Crown Jewel 

Hanalei is one of the prettiest seashores in Kauai. The beach is shaped like a crescent and is a must visit if you like surfing and swimming. The beach is regularly filled with paddle boarders, kite and body surfers. The swells very consistent and steady during the summer. Winter produces very rough and unsteady waves. Therefore, it is not advisable to take lessons during this time. The beach is both sandy and shallow, therefore, surfers do not have to worry about anything and renowned surfing schools that operate around the beach. The beach has a surfing school that is renowned to provide the best classes for beginners and experts. You should visit the beach early enough to avoid the heavy winds that strike in the afternoon. 

Kauai Surfing | Hawaii Life Vacations

Kalapaki Beach

First all, these beach is loved by many due to its closeness to the airport. Kalapaki is located at Lihue that on the western part of Kauai. The beach is known for bodysurfing, kitesurfing, boogie boarding and swimmers, and surfers. The beach has consistent surf waves due to offshore winds that break the waves slowly. It is considered a good place for those who want to learn surfing because the waves are gentle. Therefore, those who are interested to surf can practice their pop-us and paddling techniques. You can get surf lessons from the Kauai Beach Boys who are just by the beach. The beach is surrounded with restaurants and shops that you can grab a bite from. When you are done with surfing or swimming, don’t forget to have a picnic at Nawiliwili park that is close by. Top Kauai Surf Schools | Ahh Kauai

Kauai Surfing | Hawaii Life Vacations

Kahili Beach or Rock Quarry

Kahili Beach | Kauai Beach Scoop

Kahili beach is always termed as a natural pool by the locals. These beach is located on the Northern part of Kauai. It is tucked just at the point where Kilauea river meets the Pacific Ocean. These beach has the best conditions especially during summer that draw in surfers and fans.  It is not so safe during the winter because the swells are very inconsistent. Kahili beach is engulfed with a rock quarry and dense vegetation. It is therefore known as the Quarry beach. You can learn to surf and swim at Kahili beach.

Hawaii Surfing Sunset Polihali Beach Kauai Photograph by Dustin K Ryan

To sum up

You can find a quiet and relaxing time at Kauai. There are several rental services where you can get kayaking boards. Head on to Kilauea stream and enjoy some paddling experience. Get to enjoy the beaches even if you are not a surfer. 

Whatever you prefer, select your best spot from the selection and enjoy the Kauai surfing. Be sure to check on the local surf conditions for weather hazards. 

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