The best of Philippines Rum

Rum is a liquor typically made from sugarcane juice, syrup, or molasses. Rum differs when it comes to alcohol content. There are a variety with alcohol content or 20% while other go as high as 75.5%. 

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Categories of rum 

Philippines rum is categorized into three:  Spiced, white and dark rum.

  • White rum is clear mainly with a mild flavor and light.
  • Dark rum is due to double distillation, and they are common with brandy and scotch. 
  • Spiced rum is made of spices that are gotten from leaves and roots of flora, bark, seeds and dried fruits.  
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Philippine Rum

Philippines has been ranked as one of the countries that produces the best upcoming Rum in the market. First, the sugarcane plantation is in a humid subtropical climate planted and is on volcanic soils. The plantation is fed with spring water that gives the rum its sweet flavor. These qualities make the Philippines rum natural and unique. 

The best Rum from the Philippines 

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