Travel to Punta Cana tips

Best time to visit Punta Cana

Weather in Punta Cana can make or break vacation in this resort town in the Dominican Republic, so knowing the best months to go is a critical part of planning a trip.

This nation that shares an island with Haiti is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean because of beautiful beaches and a large number of all-inclusive resorts. Weather is a major factor in vacationing at Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, two of the most popular resort destinations.

In a typical month, the average Punta Cana weather forecast on a monthly basis is a high temperature of about 85 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low temperature is about 74 degrees, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Average temperatures vary only a few degrees each month, with a high point of 87 in August and September and 82 in January and December.

Punta Cana receives about 43 inches of rain each year with 9.5 rain days in a typical month. Rainfall has a strong increase during May with a historical average of five inches. That makes May the second rainiest month of the year after October, which sees about six inches of rain. In contrast, February and March have only about 2 inches of rain per month.

As a result, the weather impacts the popularity of the island among visitors each month. July is the most popular month for visiting the Dominican Republic, followed by March. September and October are the least popular because of heavy rains from the annual Caribbean hurricane season.

Anyone planning to visit the Dominican Republic will find that the best months based on both rainfall and temperatures are March, April, and July. The months when there is a higher risk of bad weather are May, September, October, and November.

What to do in Punta Cana?

Different resorts with comprehensive packages may include visits to different places in and around Punta Cana and it’s good to evaluate the worth of these free trips in the all-inclusive resorts Punta Cana packages. Access to the beach is free and a visitor can explore the entire 25-mile length of the beach without limitation. Visitors can even visit another resort through the beach and just mooch in for a coffee or lunch. The Punta Cana beach offers a good range of water sports like double-decker party boats, catamaran ship rides, parasailing, dining on the sea while watching the nightfall, glass-bottom boats for observing sea life, snorkeling, diving and sports fishing, speed boats, and flying boats.

The ship taxis on the beach can even take you from one resort to another. Besides the water sports, other beach activities a traveler can partake of are banana sailing, sailing, windsurfing and canoeing, and beach volleyball. Each person planning on Inexpensive Punta Cana holidays should inquire with the resorts and hostels or tour operators if any of these activities are included in the packages all-inclusive resorts Punta Cana. Other activities in and around the area include cart rides, safari type trips, jeep safaris; helicopter rides for a view of the beach from the air. Many firms in Punta Cana offer short tours and take visitors to see the tropical greenery and badlands, visit country houses where local Dominican food is served, pony trekking on deserted beaches, visiting the sea park, which offers snorkeling with rays and sharks.

Hoyo Azul is a cave-like pond with very blue water. Some people say it is the bluest water they have seen. You will also be able to swim in the pool.

Bavaro Beach is a nice long beach where you can do many things. You can take walks, tan, go in the water, or even play volleyball. There are also some vendors, though the vendors are considered aggressive in persuading you to buy something; the overall beach experience is great.

Macao Beach is known for its great sand and amazing views. There are no rocks or grass in the water, so it will be a very pleasant swim. There are also no nearby vendors to pressure you into buying things, so overall, Macao Beach is a very nice and relaxing experience.

This is a great nightlife activity. The Hard Rock Casino is a casino where great music is played, and you get free drinks while you are playing too. This is one of the top nightlife attractions in Punta Cana

In Punta Cana, there are many bars and clubs to experience the nightlife. You have a very large selection of dance clubs, as well as bars to relax. Prices also range from cheap to expensive, to fit your budget.

In Punta Cana, most of the restaurants focus on fine dining. You can get very high end meals for good prices, and there is a lot of places to choose from. Apart from the fine dining, there are also some fast food places, where you can get burgers and hot dogs, etc.

The shopping experience in Punta Cana won’t be as cultural as other places, but there are many shops that sell pretty nice things. You can find a lot of different flavored cigars, and also jewelry to bring home, or to give as a gift.

Beaches in Punta Cana

Bragging an arrangement wide white seashores that stretch for 34km (21 miles), Punta Cana has merited notoriety as one of the most moderate goals in the Caribbean, just as one of its friendliest, on account of the Dominican Republic.

All of Punta Cana’s sugar-white sand seashores are emphasized with coco palms and turquoise waves. They are maybe the prettiest in the Dominican Republic. Most are appended to the reasonable comprehensive inns, who appreciate extending on a hammock or participating in water sports, for example, parasailing, windsurfing, stream skiing or remote ocean angling. More remote away from home are increasingly detached stretches, where you might be one of just a couple of holidaymakers.

Try all-inclusive, but do your own research

All-inclusive resorts Punta Cana splattered along twenty-five miles of wide, sun-washed beaches with silky smooth white sand and fringed with coconut and palm trees.

It’s the land of comprehensive package trips and holiday-makers can get better value for cash if they know how. Once a vacationer arrives here, they can forget their wallet and get set for an enjoyable time. But how do you select a resort, which is inside the budget and offers all the facilities?

Tour operators and travel agents offer countless all-inclusive resorts Punta Cana travel deals and packages. Some packages might be for a week and may include airfare, meals and unlimited drinks. Other packages may not include airfare and meals. Some all-inclusive resorts Punta Cana packages may also include a round or 2 of golf, or other activity.

Choosing the correct travel deal and package is necessary to make sure that Cheap Punta Cana is a fact. Anybody planning on a holiday to Punta Cana should research the numerous all-inclusive resorts Punta Cana travel deals for what they offer and include in the packages.

The cheap all-inclusive resorts Punta Cana packages may not include airfare and airfield transfers and may also not include meals and trips. It’s far better to request as many details of the packages as practical to avoid surprise costs and issues after landing in the country. But the majority of the all-inclusive resorts Punta Cana packages offered by resorts and hostels are comprehensive with all meals and unlimited drinks.

Things to remember in Punta Cana

When booking your cheap all-inclusive vacations to any locations you need to keep a few things in mind. Remember, some of the resorts are older and show their age a bit. You may want to stick with making reservations at resorts that have recently undergone renovations. There may also be somewhat less service staff available at cheaper resorts. One thing these cheaper all-inclusive resorts do offer though is the same beautiful Dominican Republic beaches that some say are the best in the world.

Is it safe in Punta Cana?

Much the same as in any huge city or vacationer goal, consistently utilize the presence of mind when out on the town outside of the lodgings and resorts. Try not to stroll on the seashore around evening time, and if you do, ensure you remain near your inn in a sufficiently bright region. All things considered, Punta Cana is commonly a protected spot to visit with a low wrongdoing rate and a Tourist Police always on watch. Try not to be conspicuous, don’t leave individual things simply lying around, and go out and investigate, blend and become acquainted with the fine individuals of the Dominican Republic.

Realize where to go and where not to. Despite the fact that a large portion of Punta Cana is moderately ok for the normal explorer, in the event that you stray from the traveler zone and end up in different pieces of the Dominican Republic, you may end up in spots known for high paces of fierce wrongdoing. Indeed, even in Punta Cana it’s ideal to be watchful, as you ought to be in each traveler frequented zone, against criminals and con artists—particularly on the sea shore and close to the air terminal.

Abstain from driving in Punta Cana on the off chance that you can support it. The street conditions and traffic examples can be hazardous and eccentric, particularly for drivers who are acquainted with exploring U.S. streets. Rather, utilize a respectable visit organization or contract a private driver who comes prescribed from your hotel or a well-inspected travel office.

Keep away from any contact with any street pharmacists and whores. This may appear as though clear guidance that is anything but difficult to pursue, however local people like your taxi driver or a well disposed sea shore seller could offer you maryjane or cocaine in return for money. While some may believes it’s innocuous at the time, the Dominican Republic’s lawful framework pays attention to medicate offenses and brings the pain on anybody associated with ownership—to the tune of a year-long confinement even before preliminary. Punta Cana is likewise a known spot for prostitution, which is in fact lawful here—however vacationers ought to stay away from all ideas of prostitution for their own security (more on that underneath).

Likewise, with any natural movement, it is constantly prudent to be wary and mindful of your environment. Not all seashores in the Dominican Republic have lifeguards, so here and there it could be dependent upon you to care for your very own security. Be keen, adhere to any principles that might be set up at the seashore, check the neighborhood climate and ocean conditions, and don’t successfully hurt the regular habitat. When swimming, ensure you remain inside the assigned swimming territories as there are frequently floats to isolate the vessels and water sports exercises from the swimmers. The seashores in Bavaro are unquestionably worth looking at.

With all the incredible activities, trips and sun that Punta Cana offers, you’ll certainly need to ensure that you generally keep hydrated. Keep in mind, when all is said in done it’s ideal to drink at any rate three liters of water a day. Continuously ensure you take filtered water with you any place you go or if nothing else some cash to get one when parched and away from the inn. Concerning the faucet water, it should just be utilized for brushing your teeth and showering.