What you need to know about Car rental in Seychelles?

When you plan to visit Seychelles, the odds are that your thoughts will be about the famous beaches but not about the driving logistics. However, when reality hits, you realize that if you want to tour all the beautiful beaches and explore all the islands, you need to hit a car rental in Seychelles.

Car Rental Seychelles

When you get to Seychelles, you could hop onto a public transit after you check-in. However, with numerous departures and arrivals, you could wait for a while of a bus. Car rental Seychelles at the airport gives you greater freedom during your vacation.

Driving in Seychelles

For the most eventful experience in Seychelles, car rental is your best choice with your wheels to drive; you can enjoy the unique scenery that Praslin and Mahe have to offer. Driving in Praslin means that you have the option of getting a cheaper accommodation that is far away from the tourist attraction sites. Driving through Mahe makes your life easier. 

Type of cars you can hire

Car rental in Seychelles is very affordable as compared to boarding a cab. A rental car gives you so much service for your money. If you are traveling with kids, are considering renting a car in Seychelles, you can rent a car seat or bring along one. Some of the car rentals in Seychelles will offer you:

  • Spacious vans for family purposes

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  • Sporty convertibles for those who want to roof down cruise
  • Luxury sedans that comprise of smart technology for a luxurious ride
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  • Hybrid cars for a cleaner ride

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