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Situated in the Caribbean Sea, 27km from the coast of Venezuela, Aruba Island is a river less island popularly known for its divvy trees and sandy beaches. The tropical weather offers gives a temperature of 82.4 or 28 °C. If you are a surfer or have an interest with surfing the you know about Aruba surfing and its high waves. 

Manchebo Beach: one of the best surf spots in Aruba | Photo: PicturesOfAruba.blogspot.com

Aruba surfing is very popularly together with top diving and snorkeling. However, there are other excursions to undertake at the surface. Filled with stable gentle wind, Aruba is popular with best kite and windsurf location in the Caribbean for expert and beginner’s surfers. Aruba has several watersport organizations that provide lessons for sociable local and novices. Board rental is about $35 for a day while surfing classes are about $95 for three hours. 

Board Sports in Aruba

The locals of Aruba fancy a number of waterboarding activities. With steady breezes, Kite and windsurfing are the most common water sports done by many visitors and locals daily. These distinct sports are practices by people or different skill levels, ages, and athletic experience. They have become an indispensable water sport for the community. Therefore, you can visit Aruba at any time and enjoy these activities. Kite surfers take advantage of the weather that is best all-around the Caribbean. In between the late fall and early winter, as the year ends, the best wave swells come are experienced. If you feel that you are an excellent surfer, make sure your plans are engulfed around that time. 

Another sport is paddle boarding that is mild, but one can enjoy exploring the sport. Aruban beaches are categorized into two sections. This include the rugged on the eastern part and the idyllic on the western part. You can enjoy numerous activities even if you have not interested in surfing.

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Where you can surf in Aruba as a Beginners

Boa Barranca

Boa Barranca is on the south area of the Island on San Nicolas, Boa Barranca has medium to low waves that is a good sport for those who are starting off. The beach is quiet as it is not mainly used by locals. 


Situated close to the Natural Bridge, Wairuri is a known tourist attraction site. The beach is flocked on weekends by the locals. The swells of the waves differ height at different times. This means that both beginners and veteran surfers can enjoy the spot. 

Off The Rock

This beach is close to Arashi Beach, and it receives wave swells that can accommodate surfers of types. It is very crowded during the weekend, and therefore you can enjoy discreet moments on the weekdays. The beach has a relaxed ambiance and is calm. The beach is a good place to relax and take a breather when tired.  

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Surfing in Aruba for pro Surfers

There are numerous locations in Aruba welcoming for expert surfers. In the real sense, it is tricky to find the beaches that are friendly for amateurs. If you are an expert and are looking for the best location, you have many choices are your disposal. 


These beach’s location is on the North side. Arashi is a considerable distance from the city, making it very discreet during the week and very crowded on Saturdays and Sundays. Many locals go to the beach with their families for sun-bathing, swimming and snorkelling. Many surfers agree that it when the waves break you can enjoy surfing.  Aside from surfing, the beach has numerous underwater creatures that you can enjoy seeing. 

Dos Playa

Dos Playa is always crowded by surfers in Aruba. In Aruba, the name implies to two beaches. The main thing is that the beach is made of multiple bays that are distinguished from each other by a cliff. According to experience, Dos Playa has been known to break boards; therefore, if you want to surf on the beach, ensure that you carry an extra board or be ready to rent one with the beach services.  Dos Playa is good for both surfing and bodyboarding.

The ambitious surfer can surf here

If you believe in yourself and going towards being a pro, you should visit the Quadarikiri. It is not easy to paddle and out of the waters, and therefore, you can use a boat to get into the waters. You can have a jet ski. 


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